Client: Junta Digital Work: Corporate Presentation Project: Website + Social Media Brief: Junta has developed its own website and social media platforms, in order to present our company to the worldwide web audience and also share our work globally. We believe in the strength of social media and the power the internet supplies companies with. For our website, we used a logic we deeply believe in: simple, but highly effective structures, so that the user may navigate freely and take out the most information on the lesser amount of "clicks" possible. www.juntadigital.pt https://vimeo.com/juntadigital www.facebook.com/JuntaDigital/timeline Year: 2014

Junta has developed its own website, based on a logic we deeply believe in: a one page "scroll down" website, built on a customized template and fully responsive in order to adapt to different screens and platforms. Simple, efficient and easy to navigate!
Our website aims to be our corporate presentation, where one can know who we are, what we do, where we are, how can we be reached and, of course, explore some of our work.
Junta Digital Production | Corporate | Facebook
We use Facebook to show some of our work and also share some interesting stuff we find on the web. 
Junta Digital Production | Corporate | Linkedin

Since Linkedin is one of the most powerful professional networks, Junta has created a page where we can share some of our work with our professional network.
Junta Digital Production | Corporate | Vimeo

Our Vimeo Channel is our favourite platform to share our work on the web. Once finished and approved by the client, we upload our video projects on Vimeo and let the worldwide web know what we are up to.
Junta Digital Production | Corporate | Youtube

We obviously consider Youtube as a major video-sharing social network and, obviously, use its potential to share our work with the Youtube community.
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