Client: Elevo Work: Roads Project: Angola Brief: Our Client has been working on some road stretches all over Angola. While touring the country, we've had the chance to capture some great landscapes and outstanding sets. Year: 2013

Estrada Terciária | Kuito | Angola
A road in the Kuito region, Angola. Work in progress.
Estrada | Kuito-Huambo | Angola
A stretch of the road connecting Kuito to Huambo, Angola.
Estrada Alto Hama - Bailundo | Angola
A stretch fo the road connecting Alto Hama to Bailundo. 
Angola. Details.
Estrada | Mungo - Calossinga | Angola
A stretch of a road in Angola, with some details of a small bridge.
Estrada | Huambo - Alto Hama | Angola
A stretch of the road connection Huambo and Alto Hama municipalities in Angola.
Estrada | Bailundo - Mungo | Angola
The road connecting the Mungo and Bailundo municipalities in Angola.
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