Junta: juntadigital.com/ | juntadigital.prosite.com/ Client: Elevo Work: Vídeo Project: "Elevo Connect" Brief: The Elevo Group is one of Portugal's largest construction groups, operating in many different countries, employing thousands of people that are spread around the globe. This video animation was developed to assist Elevo's employees and help them to understand the company's new Intranet Portal. Elevo, as a modern and concerned company, wanted the support of video content to help HR and Internal Communication to spread the message. Well done! Content is key! elevogroup.com/pt/ Year: 2014 Graphic Design by: Elevo Group's Marketing & Communication Department.

Elevo | Intranet | Elevo Connect
Junta was invited to assist the Elevo Group on communicating the new features on their intranet portal.
We're glad to know that one of Portugal's major construction groups has the "content awareness" that we aim to promote.
The Elevo Group's emplyees will, most likely, get the most out of this corporate tool, once they fully understand "what it is" and "what it is for".
Content is key!
The Graphic Design was made by Elevo Group's Marketing & Communication Department.
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