Junta: juntadigital.com/ | juntadigital.prosite.com/ Client: Elevo Work: Vídeo Project: "Somos Elevo" Brief: The Elevo Group is one of Portugal's largest construction groups, operating in many different countries, employing thousands of people that are spread around the globe. This project is a "mini web series" for the Group's Annual Board Meeting. The aim of this series of 3 videos is to show what the group's professionals do outside their job and how their hobbies help them become better at their daily routines. Elevo's HR and Marketing & Communication Teams had the responsibility to select the best profiles and Junta tried to take the best out of each "character". After all, after work, we all have our own private passions... Enjoy!! elevogroup.com/pt/ Year: 2014


Junta was invited to produce a mini series of 3 videos for Elevo's annual meeting.
The "Somos Elevo" mini series is based on 3 of Elevo's employees off-work activities, giving them the opportunity to show "who they are" outside working hours and letting their colleagues know more about their hobbies, passions and how they can help them improve on their professional performance.
For this mini series, Junta interviewed a Fireman, a Pilgrim and a Crafter and counted on their great personal experiences and different perspectives, to portrait a distinctive "human" dimension to the company.
Because "people" are more than their 09-18h job...
Junta has worked in close cooperation with Elevo Group's HR and and Marketing & Communication Department.
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