Client: Edifer Angola Work: Portfolio Project: Angola Brief: Our Client invited us to go on tour and capture several construction sites and finished buildings all over Angola. Sites covered included bank offices, roads, tower buildings and real estate projects. Year: 2013

Condomínio Dalm | Talatona | Angola
Real Estate project near Luanda, Angola.
Condomínio Kojima | Luanda | Angola
Real Estate project in Luanda, Angola.
Academia BAI | Luanda | Angola
Academy in Luanda, Angola.
BESA Patriota | Luanda | Angola
The BESA bank office in Luanda, Angola.
Condomínio Bengo Sede | Luanda | Angola
Our client's HQ in Luanda, Angola.
Sky Residence | Luanda | Angola
Real Estate project. Tower buildings in Luanda, Angola.
Millenium Angola | Luanda | Angola
Millenium bank HQ in Luanda, Angola.
Torres Kianda | Luanda | Angola
The Kianda towers construction site in Luanda, Angola.
Hotel Skyna | Luanda | Angola
The Skyna, a 4* Hotel in Luanda, Angola.
Hotel Presidente | Luanda | Angola
The Hotel Presidente, a 4* Hotel in Luanda, Angola.
Casa da Juventude NDalatando | Huambo | Angola
A social care institution in the Huambo region, Angola.
Estrada | Menongue-Kuito | Angola
The road connecting Menongue to Kuito, in Angola.
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